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Tea Canela de Velho: Your benefits and testimonials
Tea Canela de Velho:
Your benefits and testimonials
The legitimate Tea Canela de Velho is a powerful ally in the alternative natural treatment of arthrosis, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint pain and inflammation, spinal pain, bursitis, rheumatism, tendinitis, free radical reduction, blood purification, avoid fluid retention (diuretic). The Canela de Velho tea is made up of rigorous selection of the new leaves of the Miconia albicans plant and is sold in kits of 200g, 400g, 800g, 1200g and 1600g. Its benefits and effectiveness are proven through thousands of testimonials from our clients. They date from the 2010 season we started selling and publicizing the medicinal properties of this plant. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, try to treat yourself with the Tea Canela de Velho and prove, as many have already proven, the effectiveness of its results.

Canela de Velho presents anti-inflammatory effects, protection against the development of painful neuropathy, anti-nociceptive (reduction of the brain's ability to perceive pain), inhibition of protein glycation in diabetes.The anti-inflammatory action has effective action on knees swollen - quickly disinfects the pain. Also popular is its effects against stomach, intestinal (diarrhea, gastritis) diseases.

Treatment with Canela de Velho tea should be done for a minimum period of 30 uninterrupted days. It can be extended for longer. There are cases where action is almost immediate, completely eliminating the pains. Even if the results are immediate the treatment should be continued for at least 30 days in order to have the full effect of the herb.   For the minimum treatment of 30 days, 200g of Canela de Velho leaves are required. For 60 days treatment (recommended), 400 g of Cinnamon leaves are required.

Testimony of Mrs. Jane Rocha

My husband has flattening of vertebra, titanium rod in the cinnamon and seven screws and two platelets in the ankle, resulting from an accident. He had a chronic pain in the spine that prevented him from doing almost everything, even a simple locomotion. We try everything from potent analgesics to a steroid infiltration in the spine. Nothing solved.

In 2014, searching the internet I found Canela de Velho. It was a shot in the dark, but I thought: If it's a lie I lose $ 30,00, but since I did not know what to do, I decided to take a chance and it worked! My husband regained the joy of living, of the simpler pleasures of everyday life. He takes whenever he notices that the pain begins to return. It takes about two months and until I need to take it again. For whom Tramal did not even tickle. I always buy and recommend to others who suffer from joint pain. Jane Rocha - Campo Grande/MS

Canela de Velho: Depoimento Jane Rocha
The true story of the discovery of Canela de Velho
By the discoverer and divulger Mário Augusto de Souza

Canela de Velho

The discovery of this plant and its effects on the medicinal treatment started by my neighbor, D. Margarida Almeida, at 64, suffered from arthrosis on both knees, her knees always swollen and sore to the limit of walking normally. She did not walk, she dragged herself in pain - the truth is that in her own words. She recounts that she had already approached several experts in the area, did various traditional medicine treatments without any success - instead some steroid medicines contributed to weight gain, further complicating her condition, she said.

I went through the interior of Bahia about 30 years ago, one day I suffered a fall and my knee swelled a lot and with severe pain I could not walk. And in that region, where I was, the nearest hospital, was over 300Km. I was in that place working in the service of the old Telebahia (today Oi) at that time to move to Salvador would be a bit complicated because it had a schedule to fulfill. And from the corridor appeared a lady with indigenous traits from a village and gave me a branch of a plant named Canela de Velho and had me make tea with the leaves and drink, besides bathe the place swollen with the tea ... I half-skeptically made the tea from the leaves of Canela de Velho. I drank tea and bathed my swollen knee. The next day, to my astonishment, my knee was no longer so swollen and the pains 'like magic' were almost gone. I continued the treatment for three more days and that was it - the knee completely emptied. Wonderful! From this passage, what was most engraved in my memory of that plant was the name of Canela de Velho and the leaf had two different colors the top was dark green and the bottom was light cream.

Returning to D. Margarida - I remembered this event and reported the same to her husband. He immediately went out looking for this plant and brought me a packet full of leaves to confirm if those green and light leaves were even such a cinnamon stick and I said yes. He made the tea and gave his wife a cup and bathed her knees with the same ... Continuing the treatment ... giving two cups of tea daily and bathing the swollen place...

Two weeks later someone called me at the door of my house-to my astonishment-it was Dona Margarida with the husband who came to thank her, because her knees had practically been discharged and the pain had disappeared. A month later D. Margarida returned to her normal life. I got some seedlings from this plant and planted it on my site. And this plantation grew greatly due to the demand for it.

The Canela de Velho (Miconia albicans) plant has helped many people improve and heal osteoarthritis such as inflammation and joint pain (especially in inflammation of the knees), bursitis, rheumatic pains, back pain, disc herniation and many others ... Our intention, more, is to help more and more people affected by these diseases. It can be affirmed, without a doubt, the tea leaves of Canela de Velho (Miconia albicans) is an excellent option for the alternative treatment of arthrosis. How to make Canela de Velho tea.

How to Make Canela de Velho Tea
In this kit of leaves of Canela de Velho accompanies 2 dosing cups. One to dose the amount of tea to add in the water (measuring cup) and the other the correct measure to take tea (cup dosage). To make the tea with the leaves of the Canela de Velho kit the formula follows below:
Put 1 liter (1000ml) of water to a boil, after boiling.
Put 1 measuring cup full of Canela de Velho and leave for 30 seconds in boiling. If necessary, stir with a spoon to mix the Canela de Velho in boiling water. Turn off the heat, cover the jar and leave until infused until cool. If you prefer you can filter the tea with a fine sieve.
Take a cup dosage 2 to 3 times a day, 1 (one) hour after the main meals. Never take it fast or along with food.
In the first week of treatment take only 2 (two) glasses dosage per day, one in the morning after breakfast and the other the evening after dinner. This so that the organism adapts to Canela de Velho.
Tea can be taken warm or even frosty, but when it is applied in the sore region always use warm, bathing or making compress.
Important notice: The minimum treatment is 30 days to obtain good results, and can be extended for longer. However, there are cases where the action is faster, this will depend on each organism. Even if the results are immediate the treatment should be continued for at least 30 days in order to have the full effect of the herb. There are cases where the pain disappears in the first week of treatment and the person simply stops taking tea - a big mistake - the tea should be taken and applied in the affected locality for at least 30 days in order to have the effective effect full of Canela de Velho. Never take more than 300ml per day of tea.
How to make tea with whole leaves
To make tea using only whole leaves follow the instructions below.
Put 1 liter (1000ml) of water to a boil, after boiling.
Place 15 to 20 leaves and leave to boil for 30 seconds.
Turn off the heat and cover the bottle and let it infuse until cool.
Take by day, 1 cup of tea in the morning and another at night always 1 hour after main meals. Never take it fast or along with food.
Tea can be taken warm or even frosty, but when it is applied in the always warm sore region.
Always conserve tea in the refrigerator, if it will bathe, always crush before applying in the affected region with pains.
Never leave for more than three days in the refrigerator the tea made should be used up to a maximum of three days.
Bathe the region with pain as often as you like with the tea always lukewarm.
Testimony of Mrs. Jucélia Xavier Custódio

Mario, there are so many people with problems in the joints and especially in the knees and they accept, when I told my mother that I had found you on the internet at the time she said to order the sheets and it really works, you have to do it right as you ask and you have it but with the second request you do not feel anything anymore I recommend why it really works and I give this testimonial for everyone to know. a hug.

Canela de Velho: Depoimento Jucélia Xavier Custódio

Studies with the leaves of Canela de Velho (Miconia albicans), either extract or tea, testify to its anti-inflammatory action against the development of painful neuropathy, anti-nociceptive (reduction of the ability to perceive pain in the brain) and inhibition of protein glycation in diabetes. Extracts and compounds isolated from Miconia albicans, such as triterpenes, flavones and quinones, have demonstrated antibiotic, antitumor, analgesic and anti-inflammatory potential. Also popular is its effects against stomach, intestinal and joint pain (arthrosis, arthritis).

Flavonoid, a substance known and valued as a powerful antioxidant capable of reducing free radicals that cause health damage, was found by researchers in Miconia albicans, a plant of the cerrado known as Canela de Velho. Also present in foods like red fruits and even in wine, one of the main functions of flavonoids is to prevent or slow the development of some types of cancer. Miconia albicans has been shown to have antimutagenic properties, ie the plant is able to protect cells against DNA damage and prevent diseases such as cancer and malformation in the development of the organism.

Studies have shown the analgesic effects of extracts (hexane, methylene chloride and ethanol) obtained from the leaves of Miconia albicans (Canela de Velho) using the contortion test and the hot plate models for pain in mice. Oral extracts of hexane and methylene chloride produced significant antinociception (reduction in brain capacity to perceive pain) in the contortion test. On the other hand, none of the extracts had a significant effect on the hot plate test, suggesting peripheral analgesic activities present in the Canela de Velho leaves.

Natural Alternative Treatment ***

Tea leaves of the Canela de Velho (Miconia albicans) plant is an alternative natural treatment for chronic joint pain and especially the treatment of arthrosis. It has a great advantage in the treatment of osteoarthritis because it is a natural product and does not present any apparent contraindications. Canela de Velho is a natural anti-inflammatory that acts on all joints of the body through the bloodstream. The proof of the effectiveness of this treatment is attested by the numerous testimonies posted on the web, on social networks and especially those on the Canela de Velho page on Facebook.

It is evident that within the universe of thousands and thousands of users, some may not have significant improvements, because each organism is an organism, each case is a case. In this way, everyone is notified, informed, informed and informed that Canela de Velho tea is an "alternative natural treatment" that can help the symptoms associated with joint pain (arthrosis, arthritis, spine and others). The treatment should be done for a minimum period of 30 uninterrupted days. It can be extended for longer.

The benefits of this plant in the treatment of joint pain in general (arthrosis), were discovered by the researcher Mário Augusto de Souza for more than 30 years and in 2010 made his knowledge available to everyone through the internet. Many have already benefited from this breakthrough, according to testimonials reported by thousands of people across the Internet, whether on social networks, on YouTube and on a variety of private websites. I am very happy to know that my discovery has helped improve the quality of life for many people.

I would like to thank God first of all for perfection and this cinnamon plant of old is really miraculous. Afterwards, my thanks go to Mr. Mario and all his friends for divulging his beautiful story and the site so that other people can make use of this plant that has helped many people.  My mother with 1 year of arthrosis on both shoulders and 8 years of arthrosis on both knees in the last degree had an inflammatory crisis in one of her legs and no longer left the bed.  I did not want to treat her with allopathic, so my brother searched the site and discovered this marvel. Arrived fast. I think about three days. On the second day she drank tea, she felt an incredible improvement (both shoulders and knees) and managed to stand to sit in the wheel chair.  Life has returned to normal. The motorized wheelchair is still needed because she is overweight, but has returned to doing things with joy. From now on we will only treat your arthrosis with Miconia albicans. God bless Mr. Mario, all his family and friends.
 Strong hug! Fernando Davidson - Atibaia/SP - Email